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Haute Street TREND: the Spring Essentials

Not only will you be on point with this trend but the bold & cropped silhouette can be pulled off by anyone with a few of these pointers:

  • Wear in a plethora of prints + textures.
  • Pair with a fit flair bottom, a body hugging dress, tailored trousers, and of course the pencil.
  • Make it your statement piece.

It’s time for your feet to have a little fun. Fashion MVPs are incorporating all kinds of sportswear into their wardrobes including some of these designer kicks.

Strong details that you don’t want to leave home without!  Cuff one or both wrists with some of our favorite choices in this season’s arm candy.

Something this simple is ALWAYS needed. You can cut it, crop it, tuck it, wear your lace bra with it, no bra, the options are endless ….Dutch label Zoe Karssen creates some of our favorite printed logo T’s that is sure to give you effortless style with the catchy slogan prints.

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