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HAUTESTREET x the MUSE diaries


Haute Street TREND: Superhero

Marc Jacobs and Mickey Mouse. Givenchy and Bambi. Cartoon characters are definitely having a fashion moment, but if doe-eyed deers aren’t your thing, then SUPER. Another big trend is superhero fashion, especially with all the movies this year including Captain America and Spider Man. So why not bring out the inner superhero in you this spring? Here at Haute Street we’re all about strong, women power. We’ve rounded up some of the top fashion items that will help you achieve that superhero look.


HAUTE STREET MUSE, Nicole Lenz shares some positive daily affirmations to help make your dreams come true.

I love myself!

I am always in a good mood and feeling happy.

I am at my optimum health.

Success flows to me easily.

I am a success magnet!

Wake up in the morning and repeat these to yourself aloud. Write them down and as you go about your day have them silently repeat in your head. Watch yourself become more confident, self assured and in alignment with your destiny to a bountiful beautiful and blissful you.

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Haute Street PROFILE: Floral Crush

HAUTE STREET sits down with Katie Hartman and Danielle Flores, the owners of FLORAL CRUSH - a floral design company located in Los Angeles, CA. Find out how Floral Crush came to be, what the day in the life of a florista looks like and how these two entrepreneurs keep their business going and growing.

HAUTE STREET: How did you come up with the name Floral Crush?

FLORAL CRUSH: Floral Crush sums up the fun, creative side of our work as well as our desire to be the absolute best at what we do. We truly LOVE flowers and there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t swoon over another gorgeous bloom at the market that inspires us in a whole new way. It’s like falling in love over and over again. Then there’s the business side… from the very beginning we’ve been set on being the best in our business niche with a playful focus on ‘crushing’ it and eventually expanding and diversifying our brand. 

HS: What inspired you to start a floral company?

FC: We’ve been friends and colleagues for over 10 years and after working in different arenas of the corporate world we were both feeling unsatisfied and stifled creatively. We knew we wanted to make a change and create something that was beautiful and ours. Floral artistry could not be a more perfect outlet as we are nature lovers to our core and appreciative of all aspects of simplicity and beauty in design. We also have professional backgrounds in event planning and business which prepared us for the challenges of running a successful company. We feel blessed every day to be doing what we love! 

HS: Give us a day in the life of a florist

FC: A day in the life of a florista starts way too early for our preference… usually around 5:30am on days we have an event. Coffee is mandatory, then we meet at the market to pick up the florals we ordered and check that they are at their absolute freshest. We then begin the very unglamorous job of hauling flowers to our studio and processing them for use. Once all stems are trimmed, sorted, and placed in buckets, we start implementing our designs. By 10:30am we’re usually starving so we break to grab take-out lunch from our local cafe, respond to emails, and sneak in a little Instagram session. Then it’s back to work to finish arrangements and solve the world’s problems while listening to Beyoncé :) Getting great photos on-site at an event is often easier said than done, so we always make time to photograph and catalogue our designs before we load them for drop-off. Once we deliver and install, we get a break before we go back later that night to strike/pick-up the vessels, which can be as late as 2:00am at times. Sleep is overrated. 

HS: What do you think are some of the trends in floral for spring? Do they correlate at all with the fashion seasons?

FC: The beauty of florals is that there really is something for everyone and you can create arrangements that can encapsulate any mood. For us it’s not so much about trends - it’s what you gravitate toward because you simply love a particular flower or look. Our brides tend to gravitate toward soft, flowy & romantic florals, and our event producer clients often prefer modern, architectural arrangements. As far as fashion, florals always seem to make an appearance in the Spring and this year we’re seeing a lot of different interpretations of florals which we are loving. 

HS: What are some steps at home we can do to preserve our floral arrangements?

FC: The best way to increase the lifespan of your florals at home is to first remove all of the lower leaves from the stems so that no greenery is immersed under water in your vase. The leaves get soggy and decay the water quickly, preventing the stems from soaking up nutrients. Next, give their stems a fresh cut and submerge them immediately in your vase filled with warm water. Changing the water daily and trimming the stems if possible ensures your arrangements stay fresh and gorgeous for as long as possible!  

HS: What are some challenges that you’ve encountered in starting a new business? 

FC: One of the biggest challenges in starting a new business is fighting the desire to want to do everything.  As business owners we have to constantly check ourselves to make sure our focus is geared more toward working on the business rather than in it.  For us that means focusing on our strengths and finding the right people or resources to fill in the gaps.

HS: With your floral business in particular what is some advice that you can offer someone who wants to start their business?

FC: The best advice we can give to someone who wants to start a business is to be all in. When we started Floral Crush we were both working side gigs and working on the business when we could. Once we were ready to cut the cord and commit 100 percent things really started to take off.

HS: What is some advice that you can share that has kept you going and growing?

FC: Seek out people or experiences that encourage your path and your growth.  We recently attended a CEO Bootcamp and it was so motivating and inspiring. We ended the day feeling recharged and ready to take on the world! 

We’re also big advocates of doing things that scare you.  When growing a business, confidence is KEY and accomplishing a difficult goal does wonders for your belief in yourself and your team. The impact this can have on your business is amazing.

HS: Can you share your floral “crushes”?

FC: One of our biggest “floral crushes” is Jeff Leatham, the artistic director for the Four Season George V in Paris. He’s developed this amazingly distinct style that is so simple yet bold and impactful. Plus of course he gets to live and work in Paris :)

HS: Are there any insider tips you can share with us when entering the floral industry in Los Angeles?

FC: There are so many wonderful florists in town, so it’s really important to find your niche and build relationships as well as your reputation for beautiful, professional work. Our expertise is in events, which we have an absolute passion for and are striving to be top event florist in the industry. It’s also imperative to make friends with your floral vendors. They’re a wealth of information and are the ones responsible for you receiving the freshest possible product. But above all, you must be completely passionate about flowers and all of the sweat and hours that go into the work!

HS: Can you share an “AH-HA” moment with our readers? 

FC: We have those moments every day we walk through the market! We feel so grateful to be surrounded by so much natural beauty that inspires us on a consistent basis. The right path was never a question as all signs were pushing us in the direction of growing our business. It truly is incredible what the universe presents when you open your mind, listen, and trust. 


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Haute Street TREND: the Spring Essentials

Not only will you be on point with this trend but the bold & cropped silhouette can be pulled off by anyone with a few of these pointers:

  • Wear in a plethora of prints + textures.
  • Pair with a fit flair bottom, a body hugging dress, tailored trousers, and of course the pencil.
  • Make it your statement piece.

It’s time for your feet to have a little fun. Fashion MVPs are incorporating all kinds of sportswear into their wardrobes including some of these designer kicks.

Strong details that you don’t want to leave home without!  Cuff one or both wrists with some of our favorite choices in this season’s arm candy.

Something this simple is ALWAYS needed. You can cut it, crop it, tuck it, wear your lace bra with it, no bra, the options are endless ….Dutch label Zoe Karssen creates some of our favorite printed logo T’s that is sure to give you effortless style with the catchy slogan prints.

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